Video content is one of the most valuable assets you have in your marketing mix plan this year. It is phenomenal how drastically video content can increase your reach in relatively less amount of time, plus you can never predict which one of your videos will hit gold and get innumerable shares, thus increasing your visibility in no time. However, there needs to be a direction that take, that helps you decide the right video production that suits your corporate video production plan or your video marketing plan. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind for your video production before you lock on your video marketing plan.

Go short

The audience is less interested in watching long format videos. They want to consume quick, relevant and presentable content. Give them what they are looking for. You can divide your one long format video production plan into multiple small videos and share it consistently in a scattered span of time. This also means that you can churn out more content and connect with your audience more often with multiple videos.

Optimize on video text

As essential as it is to have a good set of videos at hand, you should most definitely take care of the presentation of the videos as well. Apart from the visuals, the text on the videos play an important role for any video production. Make sure it is presentable, catchy and in tune with your brand. The video production plan should be well crafted with every single thing planned out. For every video production, it is important to look at it as a whole package deal, with engaging and appropriate packaging that’s brand friendly. Video production is in fact a package in itself and not just about stitching pieces into a video edit.

Content is still the king

That’s correct. And this king will continue reigning till the time videos are being consumed. Your video production should be a tailored plan to put forth the right content that’s customized according to your target audience and the platform your video will be published. Whether you like it or not, video production will differ as per the platform and as a video production company or a brand seeking to make videos, never fail to consider the importance of platform and tailoring your content according to the target audience and the platform.

It’s called Audio-visual for a reason

We spoke about the visuals, text on visuals or supers- as they are referred to, and most importantly the content. If we look at it with a wider lens, these factors are in fact counted as a visual structure of a video. The other half of any video production is the audio of your video. This is an audio visual for a reason. It engages your audience visually as well as through sound. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Pay attention to the audio of your video production as much as you’d pay attention to the video. Whether it is on location sound or sound added in post, it will only enhance and engage your audience more and help convey your message in a balanced fashion. So make the most of this tool. Enhance your video production with the right sound treatment and see the magic for yourself.

Choose the right video production agency

At the end of the day, it is not news that video production needs a lot of effort, attention to detail and kick ass team work. Hiring the right video production agency for your corporate video production requirement or any other video production requirement is a great gift that you can give yourself and to your brand. Connect with us to set out on this beautiful journey of video production and authentic storytelling