Creating a video for your company is exciting for sure, however, it comes with its own set of challenges. Do you know what helps? Having a streamlined process. 

Every video is different. Hence, every video should be treated differently. But, every video should most definitely follow a template process to achieve the desired outcome. Thus, here we are! Talking about the video production process of a video production company. 



A note book with ideas

If you are someone who likes to keep a list of things and if you just cannot do without ticking things off that list, you are going to rock the pre-production of your video. Simply put, pre-production is all about selecting the strategy for your video; the story, the budget and making sure everything needed to achieve the story is sorted before you go into production. Setting timelines for your project, assembling the production team, talent, equipment, and location scouting forms a major part of the pre-production of a video. Pre-production is when every member of your team is introduced to the story of the video and brought on the same page. Storyboarding the video helps a lot over here. You get the pre-production right, the video creation process becomes smooth sailing. 



Production in studio

When you are in the pre-production stage, you get second chances. You can go back to your mistakes and make things right. But not during the production. Production is your day of the performance. Production is when you execute everything that you had meticulously planned during the pre-production. If you go wrong here, there’s nothing that can make things right. No matter how good your post-production set-up is, never let things go in production just because you think you’ll fix it up in post. Never! 


Post production

Post Production edit machines

Post-production is when you have every frame you have shot right in front of you. Everything that you have worked on is being reflected directly. You regret a few decisions you made during production and you pat your back for some other. But that’s not what we are going to talk about. What we are going to talk about instead is video editing, music production, sound effects, colour correction. We are talking about stitching the video into a story that you were working on all this time in the first place. We are talking about making the video you created the product that your client had trusted you with. Post-production can be tiring at times, but it defines the visual language of your video and you don’t want to go wrong with it. 



Even though these feel like only a few stages to follow, they can definitely make or break your video. Make sure you never move into the next stage before you are 100% sorted in the previous one. Making a video is surely a creative process, but planning everything beforehand has never caused anyone any harm. If you are a video production company, you might already be following this video production process. If you are someone who’s starting up with creating videos, make sure you have a process in place. This cannot be said enough- a video production company needs a video production process. Now go, rock your video production!