Finding the best video production services for your business can sometimes be tiring. Especially when you have a deadline for your video production requirements and you cannot afford to make the wrong choice majorly because of the time constraints. 

This would be a great time to also mention how we created live shot as well as animation videos in a shockingly less time as our clients were running on a deadline. A motion graphics animation video for #1 trusted cloud based VDI provider- Anunta Tech, was created in merely 6 days. No, we did not compromise on the quality or the messaging here. We were overjoyed when the client loved and appreciated the output of the video. You can have a look at the motion graphics video for Anunta here 

Additionally, the video was a 3 minute long video. You can only imagine how hard we must have worked to deliver this baby on time. The pre-production was on point, which later made the post production a smooth ride. We will be sharing a case study for the video production of this motion graphics animation shortly. 


Similarly, we worked on another video production which was a live shot video. This one was a customer service video for Godrej Koerber supply chain for one of the warehouses they had built for Pidilite in the south of India, Visakhapatnam. The warehouse was a one of its kind, fully automated warehouse. We delivered this 5 minute video in merely 20 days. A week of pre-production which included a lot of back and forth in terms of treatment since this was the very first video Godrej Koerber supply chain had created. Post this, the team flew to Vizag and with the help of the amazing team of Pidilite at the warehouse, we successfully shot the footage which also included various interviews. Another 4-5 days of edit, with a couple revisions and voila! The video was handed over in time. You can watch this video over here 

The case study for the video production of this particular will be out soon too. 


If you wish to make video production easy for your brand and are looking for a video production service in Mumbai, let’s catch up!

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