We have covered multiple times in our earlier blogs how important video production is in this day and age. I don’t need to tell you, you yourself must not be able to keep track of how many videos you have watched today, and how many more are still saved in your watch later list. Imagine billions of people doing the same. That’s the power of videos. Believe it or not, videos have a crazy reach and with only and only videos would it be possible for you to reach a large number of people. Statistically speaking,

64% of consumers watch branded social videos before making a purchase. 

66% more qualified leads can be generated through video marketing. 

54% of consumers who already support or follow a particular brand, wish to watch more videos created by them. 

88% more time is spent by a user on a website if it has a video. 

We are dominated by vision and most of the clues that we pick up are visual clues. In fact, 88% of all consumer internet traffic is for videos. I’m sure I have made my case by now, so I’ll drop the statistics and move on. 

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, there’s a possibility that you aren’t very sure about using video production as a video marketing tool. Most people think video production is tedious, complicated, time consuming and expensive. However, with the right video marketing strategy you can perhaps hit the bull’s eye. As a small business, you’ll have to map things out and set the budget on the right kind of videos instead of spending it on all the wrong places.

Here are some video marketing ideas that’ll definitely help you for your business. 

Introductory videos:

As a small business, you are  not bombarding your audience with advertisements that are hammered on them through every platform possible and hence there’s a possibility that they do not know about you as much as you’d want them to. This is where an introductory video comes into the picture. An introductory video is proven to be one of the most effective ways of video production so far. It’s exciting because it’s new. Your audience is meeting you for the first time through this video and whatever content you choose to show them, stays in their mind as your brand personality. Going right with the introductory video sure goes a long way. 

Testimonial videos:

More than 80% of the urban population doesn’t make a purchase without seeing a testimonial video or a review video. Why not leverage this and create multiple testimonial videos for your potential customers that’ll help build their trust in your product or service? Testimonial videos are also as real as it gets. If your consumers are happy to share their reviews through videos, nothing like it. If that’s unattainable, gather testimonial data and create a video out of it. There really are millions of ways to go about it, but that’s a blog for another day. 

Social proof videos:

Social proof videos are videos where you use social media influencers or demo the product or service on social media and post them. These can be shorts, reels, stories- there are various options you can choose from. For something like this, go for a shorter time duration but create more video edits and post them gradually. This will help the brand’s consistency on social media and eventually increase the engagement on your page and this can happen only through videos. 

To create these videos, you do not require the amount of budget that Nike or Apple spends on their video production. You just need the right kind of video production agency that’ll give you the best package and take care of your video marketing smoothly, making it easy for your small business to stay relevant and consistent.