Corporate video production, despite sounding pretty clear and easy, is a vast topic. 

You can count on us to make you understand everything that it is to know about corporate videos. 

Read on to start producing corporate videos immediately and conveniently.


What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is creating videos for businesses for either internal or external purposes.

Internal videos include corporate video production that include onboarding videos, training videos, recruiting videos etc. whereas external marketing videos or promotional video production includes case study videos, advertisements, product demo videos etc.

Every video content produced by a corporation is corporate video production. Most of the time, a video production agency or an in-house videographer produces these corporate videos. 

An in house corporate videographer essentially is a professional who specializes in video production for these organizations. These professional videographers are responsible for filming ongoing events, capturing company footage, creating video material for marketing and so on. You should look out for some specific factors when looking for a corporate video producer:

You can hire an in house video producer if your company plans to produce simple corporate videos on a long term basis. For creating complex ones, you should go for either of the next two options. You can hire a freelancer, which is best suited for a one time corporate shoot. It is comparatively cheaper than the first option and you can rely on them to get the job done. The ideal option however, is to hire a corporate video production agency. An ideal option for complex shoots that require a larger team. 


Why is corporate video production important?

We will let the numbers do the talking to show why video production is important.

86% of businesses use video marketing as a promotion tool. 92% marketers are of the view that the most essential tool for their marketing strategy is promotional videos. 87% marketers confirmed video helps increase traffic. 81% marketers confirmed videos helped boost their sales. 96% watch explainer videos to learn about a product or service. Almost 80% of the time, it has been easier to convince people to buy a product or service after watching a video. These statistics help us understand that videos play an important role for buyers in a buying position. The same principles apply for promotional videos and corporate videos. Not incorporating video production won’t break your business, but it’ll hurt your chances of making it.


What does video production involve?

Storytelling- Concept creation, Scripting 

You need to get the message of your video and its concept right. Be sure the messaging, the storyline and the script are correct. Develop narratives that achieve the goal of the video for promotional purposes as well as investor purposes. 


Execution- Video production crew

Some videos are easier to shoot. A cameraperson has to shoot a talking head. For bigger high value corporate videos, you need to hire a larger crew including a director, director of photography, camera assistants, lighting assistants. 


The stitching- editor

A video production team is incomplete without an editor. The post production and editing team is also responsible for graphics, colour correction, tone, animation and sound effects. A good editor can completely transform a video into a thing of beauty. A great storyteller is good at visual storytelling. 


Voice over narrator

A voice over narration can uplift your video, especially when creating corporate videos, marketing videos, promotional videos or animated videos.  


Apart from all this, hiring the right equipment is of absolute importance. But don’t you worry, a video production agency will handle all of this for you. 


What are the different types of corporate videos?


About the company

A corporate video about the company and how it was started is something that helps a lot in putting the story out. It can include information about the company’s founding members, their motivations for starting the company, and any early successes or challenges they faced. Companies create corporate production video stories to build brand identity and create a sense of shared history among employees. Corporate videos can also be used to sear your brand into the brains of your customers and investors. Not all companies have the luxury of possessing unique stories, so don’t fret if your company doesn’t. But if you have one, don’t hesitate to broadcast it. These stories can help your customers relate to your brand and help build trust. 


Employee onboarding videos 

Employee onboarding videos are typically used to get new hires as per the company culture, values and protocols. These videos may seem simple but good employee onboarding videos boost retention rate by 82%. Good onboarding videos help boost the confidence of your employees and increase their loyalty towards the company.


Product launch videos

Product launch video is a promotional video that announces a new product or service. Product launch videos help generate excitement for new products and generate new sales and leads. Product launching videos are great to make it a hit. 


Product demo videos

A product demo video helps showcase functionality and features of a new product and service. Product demo videos are a great marketing tool. They help your customers visualize using the product in their mind and feel the benefits leaving them wanting to purchase them. 


Case study videos 

Case study videos explain how your product or service helped your customer achieve successful results. Case study videos help when they are persuasive, emotional and engaging. 


Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are ones where customers themselves talk about their experience about using your product or service. The best video testimonials should have the customer include descriptive and evocative language.


Video ads

A video ad is a promotional video advertising a product or service. It can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes long. 




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