More than 1/3rd of the content consumed on the internet is now in the form of videos. Naturally, you would want your brand to be present where your consumers are. Videos are a great way to reach your audience as according to a survey, a user spends 1 and half hours of her/his everyday time watching videos.

When choosing between whether you should do the video production to reach these statistics all by yourself or hire a professional, a lot of questions run through your mind. The one that tops all these questions is,

“Will hiring a professional video production company cost me a lot of money?”

Truth be told, not every video needs a video to be created by yourself, (Do It Yourself or DIY video) and neither does all kinds of videos need a professional video production company.

Affordable- but worth it?
DIY videos are no doubt more affordable and easy on the pocket as compared to a professional video production agency. However, DIY videos also come with their own set of risks, mainly because they aren’t done by a professional video creator. Even a small mistake can reflect wrongly on the brand as the content that goes out, represents your company.

The right equipment
Going for a professional video production company will help you in a ton of ways. For starters, they would always know exactly what equipment to use for the kind of video you are shooting that day to get the best output. It gets difficult for someone who is not a professional to gauge that. This in turn works in favour of  the production value of the video production.

Compelling storytelling
No matter how hard you try, a professional will always be better at the craft than you even though you might feel like you know your business better so you’ll know what to capture. Sure you know what to capture, but the how of it will always be better if left in the hands of someone who, just like you, knows her/his business well. A professional video production company will come up with ways and treatments that might be out of the box for you. Needless to add, there are more chances of you, as a non professional, to do some goof up technically as compared to someone who does this on a daily basis.

Packaging and delivery
Video production is a 360 degree process and most of the time, unless suggested by the clients otherwise, the shot footage is edited before being delivered to the client. You can always rely on a video production company to package your video in a creative and attractive way with numerous options that you can choose from. Now who would want to say no to that?

Strategic video production
When you hire a video production company, especially in the digital age, you usually don’t do that for a single video. With a professional video production company at your service, you’d be offered various packages for your video production requirements according to your content churn out needs. This video production strategy will analyse the videos needed, as per their treatment, their delivery time, their shoot possibility schedules and so much more in most often a price that’s usually always a good deal for you. Why lose out on that?

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