An oldie or a hippie, a lover or a saint, people like you and I or someone completely out of this world; there’s no one I have met with yet, who hates music. When your emotions flow or when there’s nothing left to know, you turn to music. But have you ever lived music? Got so deep into it that it fills your life and everything around you?

Music or any other art form for that matter, is an expression and extension of yourself. You dig deeper and you discover solace. We got an opportunity to get in touch with one such soulful person, Mohit Shandilya.

Mohit is a musician, an audio engineer and a music producer. He is among-st the few people who could convert their passion into their work and eventually into their life. Interestingly, that’s not the end of his story. When the pandemic hit us hard, with everything else, the studios shut down too. That didn’t stop any musician out there and Mohit was no different. He became a part of something so beautiful and extravagant, yet so personal- a lockdown marvel, In my frame.

In my frame is an artist collaboration platform, wherein artists from all over the globe come together to create a piece of art. If you are a dancer and need a vocalist to sing for your choreography, If you are a composer and need a vocalist to give it a voice, if you are a lyricist and need a composer to give it music- this is the platform. It is as if choosing out the best ingredients, handpicked, to create a finger licking food item.

Sure they started when everything else was shut, and an artist collaboration is a team process. However, where there are artists, there’s a way. Innumerable zoom meetings, tons of conference calls, dozens of emails and google sheets; made all of this possible and there they were, sourcing a street saxophone player from the US to play the instrument for one of their creations. Isn’t it plain beautiful? Imagine the kind of adrenaline rush this must induce. Imagine the kind of gratification it might bring to each and everyone from the team.

According to Mohit though, his greatest achievement was when his grandma liked his EDM and gave him a Rs. 500 note. This is what fills a heart with pride. This is what it comes to at the end. Creating music for young hearts and souls and not just young bodies. I, for one, can absolutely see them reaching for the sky. When was the last time you experienced such contentment?