A 6 year old girl, roaming around the house in the most comfortable cotton frock. She made sure she always wore one thing on her along with the frock- her curious eyes. This little one, found joy in running around the house with her little feet making a peculiar noise that gave her a sense of self. The sense of self that was still pure and untouched by the reality of the outer world. The world she is yet to know anything about. The only time she liked coming out of her favorite cotton wear was when it was the festival of lights. The festival that brought home a lot of sweets. She used to filter all the gifts they would receive, to spot that one box of sweets she loved the most- Cadbury nutties.

She still remembers that one friend of her father’s who used to get those every year. She never talked to him, just flashed a cute smile that would get her the treat she loved the most. She never wanted to have these chocolates any time else around the year, other than on Diwali. It was a little tradition she had with this festival friend of hers. It was their little secret.

Back then, these nutties used to come in a tin box that made a specific noise every time you opened it. Whenever she hid the box of chocolate in her closet, she made sure she was careful about this noise. The little devil in her never wanted to share these chocolates with anyone. Maybe that’s the reason she gave a concession to her comfy cotton frock specifically during that time of the year. Because she made sure her mother always bought her a dress with pockets so she could sneak the chocolates in her pocket and Voila! An entire day of munching these nutties, without sharing them with anyone else. A few weeks of just nodding as a response to people because you have your mouth full of chocolates.

Strange how memories can knock on your door when you least expect it. Maybe that’s why people smile looking into oblivion and no other person knows the reason except for the face that’s smiling.