They say matches are made in heaven. When two people fall in love, they celebrate it and announce it to the world by getting married to each other. It’s a beautiful concept and certainly is said to be a beautiful feeling. Except for the never ending planning, hunting down the perfect location to get married, making sure every guest is picked up on time and the food. Oh, the food! The food has to be on point.

Contrary to how it looks, executing a wedding is actually a task. It’s an adrenaline rush and not everyone can handle it. Fortunately, with the right wedding and event planner, there can actually be a method to this madness. Snehal Patil of Kraftvilla Events is one such planner you should most definitely have on your speed dial for occasions like these.

Snehal founded Kraftvilla Events to create beauty out of this chaos and that’s what she has been doing since she started. She knows the definition of perfect is different for everyone and with Kraftvilla as wedding planner, achieving perfection isn’t difficult. With a background in events academically and practically, Snehal has made sure that Kraftvilla leaves no stone unturned to give you the wedding you have been dreaming about. The ambience, the music, the food, the set, the costume, the location everything is taken care of. But that’s not it. On your special day, Kraftvilla also takes care of your smile, your emotions, your laughter, your nervousness and your loved ones. Wedding is not just an event when it comes to Kraftvilla. It’s an emotion. Perhaps that’s the reason every event at Kraftvilla is a memorable one.

If it has to be outstanding, it has to be Kraftvilla!