Every video production has a unique requirement. The do’s and don’ts definitely depend on the kind of video production and the brand or product that it is created for. However, there sure are a few things to keep in mind for every kind of video production. 



The video should be concise 

Corporate video should be prim and proper, to the point. This will help increase the audience engagement and won’t bore your audience.  Instead it will only compel your audience to go to your whatsapp or instagram. Do not make them press the skip button when your video is up on the channel. 



Remind yourself of the target audience at every step of video production

During the entire process of video production, make sure you always remember who your target audience is. Know the soul of your brand and be sure of sticking to it to reach your target audience. After All that’s why you are creating the video in the first place. 


Plan the budget for your video production

The output of your video hugely depends on the video production budget. You cannot have a negligible budget for your video production and expect it to be out of this world.  So plan your budget early on and be creative within the constraints of the budget. 



Let your marketing budget slip

Being positive about the video gaining organic traction is absolutely correct. But keep a separate budget for marketing and promoting the video. Otherwise, there’s no real point in spending so much on the video production. 

Make sure you plan amazing video promotion strategies and include spendings on other platforms like Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram. The more people it reaches to, the more chances of people sharing it and increasing the reach of the video.


Forget the call to action

A highly creative and high production value video can also fail if there’s no call to action. 


Be too salesy in the video

Being personable, authentic and providing values through your video can go a very long way instead of being directly salesy about it. A hard sell approach might not be the right way to go. 


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