Let’s get the ball rolling!


Pre-production is essentially planning video concepts, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, and scheduling. The pre production team gathers the necessary assets, props, and sets as per the script. Getting the pre-production right is important for a successful video production. 

Now the camera rolls!

The actual filming of the video happens during the production. A typical big budget video production consists of a production crew of a director, cinematographer, light operators, assistants, production manager and much more. A comparatively smaller video production needs a smaller video production set up. 

It’s a wrap!

Post-production for a corporate video includes editing and finalizing the footage. The graphics and animations are added, and various sounds are mixed. 

Video production needs a lot of things to be on point before you dive into it. Being on schedule for each step helps the video production process to be a smooth sailing ride. It also helps to stick to the right budget, ensuring the video obtains its objectives and a painless post production. Video production process helps create an engaging and effective video that can increase the audience engagement and is widely shared across social media. 

Understanding the video strategy

You should always know the objective of making the video before you start the video production process. Raising the awareness of the brand or increasing the engagement, all the aspects of the video production process should be covered and be useful in giving out the core message successfully. 

Audience research

Know who the video is for. Be ready with the insights of your target viewers and the problem they wish to solve. You are creating the video for those audiences. 

Budget and timeline


Your budget and timeline should be realistic enough for you as well as the brand. Don’t skimp on the cost to save on the budget, if that’s the plan, then don’t make a video at all.

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