Video production for branded content was viewed as something that could only be afforded by big names and huge companies.

A video doesn’t always need to have a sales message with it. A video can be a piece of branded content that entertains the audience without being information heavy. Unlike corporate video, a branded content piece doesn’t cover USP of a brand, or a core value proposition. Corporate videos are direct and to the point, branded content is mostly seen as a piece of video content that entertains and doesn’t preach or has an intent of making a sale. It is exactly for this reason, that a branded content video- as opposed to a corporate video, has gained a reputation of being a luxury item. 


Nonetheless, a considerable amount of familiar B2C brands do invest in branded content, especially during the festive season, and we have seen it work really well for these brands. 

Considering the amount of good it is doing to these large brands, why should not every marketing strategy have space for branded content and why should smaller brands and businesses be only limited to corporate videos? Just like the B2C categories, branded content works well in the favour of B2B brands as well. Additionally, branded content videos are also considered as a step ahead of the usual corporate videos. 


If your brand is bold enough to take a leap, branded content will work as a huge opportunity in the B2B space too. Branded content videos will help your brand use the power of branded content to open up to new markets and new audiences who might not otherwise be reached by the usual and traditional sales based marketing strategies. 


You do not need to blow your marketing budget to create a branded content video that helps a campaign that’s impactful and also makes a social difference. Depending on the video requirement, we will be able to assist you with the right kind of video production to pick the content requirement up a notch, making an addition to the usual corporate video production. 

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