Video production services need more than one skill and talent. It is a dish created with a lot of ingredients with a single motive of making it tasty and healthy for the indulger. Video production needs to be tasty and healthy as well. By tasty we mean qualitative and by healthy we mean that it should stand true to the motive of its production. To achieve these basic standards, you need to work with the right video production service provider rather, the best video production service provider. Basic requires nonchalance. Basic requires experience. Basic requires comprehension.

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At Tattletale, we have come up with the best video production service package to meet your needs. A monthly video production service package sets your video production game right for the entire year. One main video of a minute or two and one supporting video upto 20 seconds every month. Now that can work wonders for your video marketing campaign. Along with these video production services, we will provide 100% script supervision so the pre production is set straight before we jump into production. Our standard video production services package includes 2 such videos- 2 videos of maximum 2 minutes and 2 short videos of 20 seconds each. We also write the scripts for these videos in the standard video production services package. 

The premium video production services package works in a slightly different manner. The above two video production services packages are perfect for your social media marketing and monthly video marketing strategy. However when you wish to create a corporate video or a corporate film or a brand film, you can opt for the premium video production services package. This video production package is all about storytelling. It includes a video of upto 3 minutes and 2 supporting videos of 30 seconds each. This video production process is story driven. We write a script, scout for location, do storyboard and shoot for 2 number of days. This is a perfect video production package to create a video that reeks about your brand and its emotional relevance to your target audience. This video production package also works to create a brand profile or company profile video.

Platinum video production service package is a cut above the premium video production. This package includes 2 story driven videos of 2 minutes. Along with concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, location recce, we create audio production for these videos in house and provide sound designing with video production. 

To create relationships with your target audience, you also need to create videos that are relatable. This calls for testimonial and interview videos. Our testimonial video production services package or interview video production services package includes 10 videos of 3-5 minutes each, shot over a span of 5 days along with a well crafted video treatment. 

Brands like Ola or Drivezy began their brand video marketing journey with brand affinity video series like Permanent roommates or Tripplings respectively, created by TVF. Our video series production package consists of 8 episodes of 10 minutes each. Everything from concept, story, script, screenplay, visual treatment, moodboard, storyboard, line production, production and post production- to sum it up, end to end creation is included in the video series production service. 

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