Complex concepts, when explained in simple ways, can make a lot of difference in getting an understanding of the problem they are meant to solve. These problems can be as small as making the consumer understand one single feature or the entire product in a span of 1-2 minutes. Achieving this with a simple live action video production can be challenging for products and services that serve a specific niche. This is where animation video production comes into the picture.

The video production plan of any product or service can surely consist of numerous live action videos or short videos. However, to make the consumer understand your product and the problem you have set out to solve, you need to point at the basic functionality and structure of ways you are meant to provide solutions. With animation videos, you can adapt to ways that are most times not possible with live action video production.

Explainer animation videos can be strategically shaped according to your targeted messaging. The dependency and pressure on animation video creation is comparatively less, as you can mold them in ways that can surprise you. With the right video treatment and approach, an animation video can work wonders as a promotional video or a launch video. Be it a teaser for a product launch, or a social media campaign, animation videos seldom go wrong. More so, with the look and feel, animation videos always can be made to look more in tune with your brand language as you create all the frames one by one and you can control each element and every shade of colour that goes into an animation video frame. Additionally, if pointed at the right stage, it is easier to make changes in an animation video as it is created from scratch and there is zero worry about not making changes in the framing.

Apart from the creative aspects, especially for domains that are conceptually heavy and new, animation videos always work positively. Domains in technology and finance lean more towards animation videos to explain their concepts, products and services quickly and effectively. If you are one among many such domains, let’s connect and start creating some kickass animation videos!

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