Animation videos are a boundless process. While creating animation explainer videos, you do not have to worry if the location is available, or if the actor is able to put forth your point correctly on the screen. So to say, while creating an animation explainer video for your product or service, you are more in control of the video production and the way in which you want your content to go out than any other type of corporate video production. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of before going on this delightful journey of video production.

Do determine the type of animation video you want to go for

There really are innumerable types of animation videos you can choose from. However, according to the content, intent, purpose and target audience of your video, you should be able to determine the kind of animation you want to go ahead with.

  • 2D Animation.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Whiteboard Animation.
  • Typography Animation.
  • Stop Motion Animation.
  • Live-Action Animation.
  • Cutout Animation.
  • Clay Animation.

The list can go on to become endless as time passes, considering how animation videos are growing each day. Discuss with your video production agency about what will work best for your brand and get started.

Do know the duration of your beforehand

Even before you start working on the script, have a duration in mind. Never go for more than 2 minutes for a single video. Create multiple videos that are shorter in length but no one watches long format branding videos anymore. So keep that in mind while planning the video production of your animated explainer video.

Don’t be ignorant of the platform you’ll be publishing the videos on

Every  video platform has a personality of its own and unless you are creating your video for a particular event, you need to also discuss the platform with your video production agency. It works if some of the characteristics of this personality is rubbed off on the way these videos are produced as well. The goal is to streamline the process of video production by making the most of whatever we have in our hands.

Don’t go overboard with the animation

Unless it is absolutely essential and unavoidable, do not animate every single thing in your frame. It will only create a lot of mess and will end up looking offputting, distracting your target audience entirely from the actual information you intend to share with them.

Above all, don’t go vaguely into video production or animated explainer video creation without a professional video consultation. Do connect with us, a video production agency in Mumbai, to help you make the right decision for impactful video production.