Tattletale production is known for its animated video production services. This kind of animation displays computer-generated drawings, illustrations and attention-grabbing effects. We produce a range of videos such as 2D motion graphics,2D character animation,3D animation, Whiteboard animation, Stop motion animation, Kinetic typography, Infographic and isometric.

animated video production services

Why choose our animated video production service ? 

Short Duration: We are experts in conveying key topic points in the quickest manner(less than 90 seconds) with a hint of creativity.

Ordinary: Our content visuals are easy and simple to comprehend with effective communication of the focused message.

Focused Target Audience: Our videos are created for targeted audiences and its the main usp of our animated video service

Animation: The technology used for creating animation is updated. Our team is skilled in illustrating characteristics such as humor, emotion, personality etc.

Branding: We are well versed with brands identification and strongly consider the brand’s identity such as colors and themes for quick brand recognition.

How can Animated Videos Production service benefit you?

Our Animated video production service in Mumbai can be an elegant and cost-effective substitute for live-action video production. It can be quite compelling for corporates to use animated content such as motion graphics. Explanatory animated videos could be a great way for demonstrating corporate rules and regulations, training programs, product demos, instructions and many more. It is less time consuming than a live recording, retakes and editing of videos.

Our animated video production services has an extensive portfolio and collaborated with 30+ clients such as Zomato, Colors, and many more. Our professionals have tremendous experience in this video content creation. We strive for effectiveness, and assurance to reach your expectation.

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