An artist and an entrepreneur does sound ironical. But the journey to eventually be both these things has made Archita what she is. She has spent years running after art galleries, trying to sell her art work. She has spent a lot of time participating in festivals like Start India, Kalaghoda, Art gallery shows and it has given her immense satisfaction. However, only when she stopped to introspect, is when she realized the unfulfilling nature of this entire charade.

Archita Shah, an artist from Bandra, has been in love with colours since she was a kid. As she grew up, this love grew even stronger. She started observing, questioning and tried making sense of everything around her. But there were a lot of things still unanswered, rather things she or anyone else wasn’t supposed to question.

Why am I constantly surrounded by this monotony of materialism and consumerism?

What is the philosophy of life? Why are we living it?

Why are we running this race to keep on evolving?

Why is everyone so obsessed with perfection when it in fact lies in the imperfect ways of life?

Has she found the answers to these questions yet? No!

Archita’s work puts forth these questions, not in a binary or black and white manner, but in abstraction. Abstraction is how she can express her thoughts the best possible way. It lets her be who she is without having to define anything. She believes life is an abstract art, and it’s up to us to make sense of it. She has been expressing a lot of her thoughts about capitalism, community, development and lifestyle through her art. Archita is a firm believer of modernism, liberalism and the possibility that the only unit to exploration is infinity. Her art tries its best to speak about the importance of co-existence, that humans are not the only species; we are just a tiny part of this vast creation. She believes everything is reusable, as long as we wish to do so.

She believes art has immense power and it is all about the mind, body and soul.