Every business is making videos. It has been proven time and again that video production or a video film is the most effective way to create a buzz around your campaign, product or business. Videos are going to help you reach your audience faster and get maximum engagement. 


Do you need to up your video production in order to make this happen?




While there are a million reasons to focus on a killer video production strategy or a simply amazing promotional video production plan, let’s filter and see the 6 most vital ones that will pop you out of your chair. Don’t blame us if you see yourself mapping out a plan for your upcoming video production requirements. Perhaps, it’s for the best! 


Videos grabs attention

Any animal, to be saved from another hungry hunting animal; stays still and avoids moving in order to save life. Why, you ask? Because movement catches attention. Videos, a moving form of information or entertainment, can effectively lock the viewer’s attention. Now it’s completely upon you, as a video producer, to make the most efficient use of this attention you have earned by producing a video. Keep it moving, get it seen. Make sure it’s worth your viewer’s time and energy. Hire a video production company that understands the pain point as well as the purpose of the video production.


Videos are easily shared

If you are creating multiple videos as a part of a video production campaign, it’s only natural that you would want your viewers to share the videos. Relatable content, a decent production, the right duration, non preachy, and non cringy are just some of the many ingredients that will increase shares of your video and increase your brand engagement. That’s a good price to pay for the video production.


Videos are great explainers 

Videos are the best way to explain your product or service to your audience. Whether it is a B2B, B2C or a D2C business- video production and promotional video creation is something that will elevate your brand and explain intricate or niche concepts in as much detail as expected. The best thing about videos is there’s never just one type of a video. If your concept is hard to explain in a live shot video, you can also make an explainer animated video and explain your concepts as deeply as needed. A video has a never-say-never attitude and that’s the attitude which takes a business one step ahead.  


Video is Google’s favorite kid 

No matter what they say, every parent has a favorite kid. Don’t make them convince you otherwise. Google is no different either. That’s right, Google loves videos better than text and images. If you have a video on your landing page or website, you are going up. So if Google wants to see the favorite kid on your website, give it a thumbs up. Start planning your video production strategy, we will get our writers and cameras ready by then. 


Credibility level of a video- pro max 

Apple users aren’t the only ones enjoying everything pro max. The right video can do that for you too. People see videos in your communication, they connect with your brand better as compared to communications without any video in it. Building credibility with your customers is one of the most important things for any business. Start with one video in your video production plan and see the difference for yourself. 


Everyone is watching them 

As you read this, my mom is watching a video on Facebook, my sister is scrolling through her Instagram reels and my father is watching something on YouTube with 100% volume. My point here is, videos are everywhere. There’s not even a single platform that works without videos, in fact videos are consumed at the rate of 80%. 


Why wouldn’t you as a business want to bank on this crazy  power of video production?

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